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"We Create Real Dreams"

Once Upon A Cottage brings you a portfolio of home designs to make your dreams come true.  A portfolio rich with period details, yet well appointed with modern amenities, these cottage homes provide the canvas for a satisfying dance through life.  Cottage living is traditional, but never stuffy, historic, but never boring.  Well designed cottages bring form and function into beautiful balance.  

Your need for a beautiful, wholesome space drives your life every moment of every day, leaving no chance for the peace of mind you want to experience after a long day at work, when your house is not that beautiful, wholesome space.  Tripping over toys, knocking over a stack of mail, digging in boxes for long-lost possessions, these are the trials of everyday life, while dreams of a glorious future fade into a dim memory behind the sameness of your existence.

Cottage style house plans can bring your dreams alive, sweeping away the sameness and creating a peaceful serenity in your living space that will allow you to live life more fully than you have ever dreamed.  Whether you prefer traditional style or classic look, historic detail or contemporary edge, the following pages of cottage homes contain perfect solutions, providing hope for a newly glorious existence rich in old world charm.

Once Upon A Cottage takes storybook elements and substantiates them with online ordering of blueprints, ready for you to bring into reality.  With our resources and cottage designs of details and finish carpentry (such as custom cabinetry and trims) we can help you refine a new cottage design or your existing cottage home.  Calling or emailing David James could also help you define your process toward a cottage life - start a dialogue with us now for a more satisfying experience.  Get ready to experience the full wonder of cottage life, and begin your happily ever after!

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